Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The sheep got out today. Well - not exactly completely out...

As is the usual morning routine lately, I went into the barnyard to let the llamas into the pasture. As I opened the gate, two little lambs stared at me, standing next to the barn. It took me several seconds to realize that they were not supposed to be there. The early morning fog in my brain was dispersed by a loud baaaa. It was Nugget, my seasoned ewe who was calling for the lambs. Next thing I knew, they all came running around the corner. They had all gotten out of their temporary confinement. I thought the gaps under the fence were small enough that they couldn't get through. I guess not.

Meanwhile, the llamas looked thoroughly confused. They have been bewildered by these wooly-devils...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Work in progress

We are just getting started on this weblog. I hope to chronicle our adventures on our little farm as new farmers and shepherds. This blog is a work in progress and our little farm will be a HUGE WIP. Today's plan is harvesting veggies from the garden, patching the barn roof, and fixing barnyard gates... Please check back frequently for updates on our latest adventure!