Monday, October 27, 2008

Where to begin?

Where to begin? How to sum up the last two years? So many changes have happened since we moved to this little farm. In May of 2006, we were on our house hunt. We wanted a farm but hadn't been able to find anything with more than a few acres. As we drove up the driveway, the rusty windmill was in our line of sight. I think my husband and I were hooked at that point. While walking the property, we saw a tired, overgrown farm. The well was bad, fields weed-choked, barnyard overgrown, fencing non-existent. The charming, leaning, 100-year old barn had a leaky roof and dry rot. But the house was newer, surrounded by the fields and the wide open sky above. We knew that with hard work we could transform this farm.

We came from a postage stamp sized lot in the city -- on a very busy street, near a noisy intersection, under a flight path for the Twin Cities airport. The City of Richfield wanted our house for a roadway project. They planned to put in a roundabout intersection. We had planned on moving to the country at some point...the City just changed our timetable. So, two years later, we don't miss the City at all! Every day, we truly feel blessed to be here.

I will just start with where we are at today. Details can be filled in over time. Today, we have a new well, the barn roof is patched, we have several acres of pasture fenced and some of the weeds cleared out. And we have a wonderful flock of sheep and llamas!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey, welcome back to Blogland! We've (or at least I've) missed you!