Friday, November 7, 2008

Fiber, fiber, fiber!!

I am really just getting started on the blog and website, Needless to say, not everything is posted yet. Yes, we DO have fiber for sale!! I am still skirting, washing, and carding my last few Shetland fleeces and Llama fiber. I have been taking photos but do not have then posted yet. Please go to the website and send an email. I will get back to you. Our llama fiber is from our Argentine llamas, known for their fine, soft fiber. The llama fiber is a rich, warm brown from Karma; a prize winning grey brown from Nessarose; and white. At this time, I have a "cloud" of llama fiber ready.

In Shetland terminology, our available Shetland fiber is white, musket (oatmeal), several shades of black, several shades of moorit (brown), iset (black w/grey fibers). At this time, I have batts of musket, white and black.

Again, at this time, please email for pictures, samples, and/or prices.

Congratulations America

I am hopeful we can find a new direction for our country. Men and women have died fighting to defend our right to freedom. And I want that freedom to still be there for my grandchildren and theirs.

It's a good day to be a citizen of the USA. It's a great day to be a citizen of the world. I don't remember ever seeing Americans pouring into the street celebrating an election. I don't remember a time immediately after a Presidential election where the rest of the world was so excited about our choice. I have been surprised at the emotional outpouring of joy -- from the young and old, black, white, Protestant, Catholic, Hispanic, Muslim, African, Japanese, etc. The world is happy with our choice. No matter who you voted for, this historic election turns the page on a new chapter for our country. And our new President has a LOT to work on.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Barnyard Partisans

Meet some of the ewes

This is Shetland ewe Nugget and her ewe lamb Lulu. Nugget is one of my largest ewes; she has soft, crimpy musket (oatmeal grey) fleece. Lulu is a wonderfully soft, crimpy white lamb. And Lulu is a big girl!

These girls are taking a break in the barn. Shetlands Lily (moorit), Nugget (musket) and Lulu (white) are on the left. One of our two Cheviot ewe lambs is on the right.

This is a good picture to illustrate the size difference between the Shetlands and Cheviots. Nugget (Shetland ewe) is on the left. She is a little smaller than the Cheviot ewe lamb on the right. We bought the two Cheviot ewes from Kathy and Al Munkelwitz in Isle, Mn. The Cheviots will be put with a Blue Faced Leicester ram in December. In the spring, we will have our first Mule Sheep from a BFL-Cheviot cross!

Here is another picture of a Cheviot girl. I still can't think of names for the two girls. Ideas anyone??

Roundaboutacres also added two BFL-Shetland Mules to our flock this year. These two lovely ewe lambs - white and colored Mules - were purchased from Laura at Psalm 23 Farm. On the right is a Shetland ewe lamb.

This is a close up of the colored Mule's fiber. Purly and lustrous!!